Identity Standards

Our visual identity standards ensure the consistent use of Arizona State University’s Enterprise Brand-approved logos, colors, fonts and photography. When all our materials project a similar image, we can communicate our mission and goals more efficiently, clearly and concisely to all audiences.

1. Logos

Official endorsed logos have been created for our college, academic units and most centers. All logos can be used in place of the university logo on marketing materials, but only one should be represented at a time. If multiple units within our college are represented on a document, use The College logo. If multiple units across the university are represented, use the university logo.

The College has created a number of word marks for various programs. You’re welcome to download and use the word marks; however, they do not replace the endorsed logo. An endorsed logo also needs to be present on any document containing the word marks.

  1. The College Leaders
  2. Residential College
  3. Dean’s Council
  4. Hearts and Scholars

Arizona Board of Regents-approved centers and institutes without an endorsed logo can request one with the form below. Please note: the dean’s approval is required before a logo can be created. The approval, development and upload process can take up to a month.

All units using an endorsed logo on their print materials must include one of the following lines:

    • a. "An academic unit of The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences"
    • b. "A research unit of The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences"

Please note: this line doesn’t need to be included by the logo, it can appear anywhere on the document. This requirement includes fliers and any other printed material. There is no exception other than business cards.

2. Colors

ASU’s color palette helps reinforce our brand and keeps messaging clear and simple. Our primary colors are maroon and gold with white and black as foundational colors. The secondary colors are green, blue, orange and grey. See ASU’s identity standards color palette page for more information.

3. Typography

ASU’s primary font in print communications is Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk. The font requires a license. If you don’t have Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk, Arial is the preferred replacement. For more information, see ASU’s identity standards typography page.

4. Images

The ASU brand is reinforced through photography. While sunset images and silhouettes are in abundance across university-branded materials, this type of photography is a staple of our identity and unique for most audiences. When selecting images, pick ones that convey authenticity. For more information and to access the photo archive, see ASU’s identity standards photography page.

The college has a limited number of photographs. We’re happy to assist with image selection.


Marketing materials for the college

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences marketing team has created a variety of print materials for our college, from divisional overview brochures and fact sheets to pre-professional advising and accelerated (4+1) degree program informational pieces. Extras of most pieces are available. If you need a large quantity, we’d be happy to assist you with ordering. Just stop by, call or email!

Below is a list of our current brochures. If you need print-ready versions, send us an email.

Overview brochures

  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences

Pre-professional advising brochures

  • Pre-Law
  • Pre-Health
  • Pathways to Education

Accelerated (4+1) degree program piece

  • Accelerated Degrees Handout

Fact sheets

  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences



Stationery for the dean's office

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences marketing team has worked hard to create a unified identity for our college. In order to maintain a consistent brand, we encourage members of the dean’s office to download and use the approved stationery for letterheads, email signatures, business cards and more.

Commonly requested college stationery


Official documentation 

More resources

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